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Making music and playing with video effects, July 2020

I guess I should introduce myself but that's all already on my Bio page :)

So now, it would be natural to explain WHY am I writing this blog. There is no particular reason. I guess I want to share my work with people and explain the process behind it, but also keep a track of my thoughts and processes in making music as well as forming ideas.

So, the first post is a bit random to me, but if you don't know me, I guess I won't matter too much. My most recent work revolved around

This is a painting of an industrial scene at the Gowanus Canal (Brooklyn, NYC) by my mother-in-law, Julie Edmonds. Alex grew up not far from it and has told me some interesting stories this canal holds. I love this painting and the fact that I can look at it every day. It’s a reminder that inspiration can be found anywhere we find ourselves.

I did a kaleidoscope video of this painting, well, just because I like it. And the music behind it is, well, just an improvisation on Raga Mayalamarutham. You can hear/see the full post in my previous Instagram post.

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